Yesterday we returned from our first family camping adventure. Super Tiddles and Duracell Bunny had an amazing time and it was a great bonding experience for our family (although when we came home we had a lot of plaintive meowing from Shadow who wished she could have come with us). We chose a basic camp-site near Petersfield in Hampshire.

We set off just after eleven o’ clock on Saturday and headed to Tilford for a leisurely pub lunch at the Duke of Cambridge. The boys had a great time here, after we’d ordered our food they dashed off to play on the small play area in the corner of the pub gardens. Despite the pub being busy, we didn’t have to wait long for our food to arrive. We all ordered burgers and they were delicious.

After lunch we headed to Tilford Nature Reserve. We walked from the car park to the river Wey through the nature reserve. When we reached the river we got changed into our swimming costumes/trunks. We slid down the river banks, mud squelching up between our toes. The water was ice cold but we were having such fun that we barely noticed. Iridescent blue dragonflies danced past us over the surface of the river. Super Tiddles was very interested in the river weeds, but as they had a pungent rotting odour we quickly moved to the middle of the river. The boys giggled and chattered as they splashed each other with freezing cold water. I could feel the soft sand under my feet. We stayed in the river for about half an hour, but then decided we were getting too cold so we clambered out, dried ourselves off and got dressed. We ambled back to the car through the forest. We passed sun dappled glades and smelt earthy mushrooms.

We arrived at our camp site at around six o’ clock and put up the tent. By this time we only had time to give the boys a quick tea (sandwiches) and put them to bed. As the boys were taking a long time to settle (because they were overexcited) I eventually decided to go to bed early too to get them settled.

I realise that it may not seem like this post fits in with the theme of my blog, but bear with me and all will become clear…