Welcome to my new blog!

My blog’s title is a reflection of three things I am passionate about: my boys (two little ones and a grown up one), baking (at home) and books (reading), although I would like to write one of my own one day!

I am a ‘stay at home Mum’ to my sons, aged four and seven, whom I affectionately call (in my head at least) Super Tiddles and the Duracell Bunny. Super Tiddles is a loving, caring seven year old. He escaped from my womb rather early and had a rather heroic start to life. My Duracell Bunny is four and will be starting school in September, his boundless energy gives him his moniker. My boys are wonderful!

Baking is magic. I love the way flour and icing sugar waft through the sieve and create the effect of falling snow. I love the way one can combine ingredients to create something so delicious. It is modern alchemy. There is nothing better than savouring freshly baked cakes or cookies on a cold winter’s day.

Books are amazing. I love entering new worlds. What other way is there to do so? Fiction books are often small imaginary worlds. Non fiction books give the reader the opportunity to find out about new places or subjects without leaving their home.

Anyway, this is just an introduction. See you soon!