Christmas is fast approaching! I have been very busy lately with getting ready for the big day. It seems to me that Christmas is starting earlier and earlier each year. Last year was a great adventure for my little family at Yuletide. We decided to head up to Aviemore and spend the festive season there. We took Super Tiddles and Duracell Bunny up there on the Sleeper Train, just because it seemed much more exciting than driving. The boys were indeed very excited about the whole thing but we did manage to get some sleep on the train.

After our long journey we were very pleased to arrive at the cottage we had booked for the week. The cottage was in the Cairngorms so we had amazing views and it was lovely walking around there after Christmas Dinner. We arrived on the eve of Christmas Eve so we spent the first day or so getting our bearings and settling in. We had taken all the presents up there for the boys’ ‘Santa Sacks’ so once the boys had gone to bed hubby and I got busy wrapping them all and I made the ‘magic Reindeer food’ with Scottish oats and some glitter.

On Christmas Eve we took it very easy and enjoyed a Scottish style cooked breakfast before heading to the Cairngorms Reindeer Centre. This was a highlight and Super Tiddles found the Reindeer hilarious. As it gets dark by about half past three, we headed back to the cottage not long after lunch. When we got back to the cottage Duracell Bunny insisted that we all went to the back garden to sprinkle magic reindeer food on the lawn. So off we went. That was a magical experience for the boys. We also put up a sign outside the front door so Santa would be able to find us. Last of all we had to put Rudolf’s carrot on the hearth and of course Santa’s drink and snack. We then headed to the Christmas Eve parade in Aviemore. The boys couldn’t believe it when they saw Santa in his sleigh led by his reindeer coming down the street! We had a few snowflakes coming down, that was the icing on the cake. By then the boys were getting cold so we headed back to the cottage and put them to bed.

I’ll never forget how excited the boys were when they woke up and saw their sacks full of presents on Christmas morning (it was well worth taking them all up there). We hardly ventured out of the cottage that day, the boys wanted to hang out in the cottage and play with their new toys. Hubby cooked our lunch which was fab then we went for a stroll to enjoy the scenery.

I have a feeling this Christmas will be just as good. My new nephew arrived in the world a few days ago so it’ll be great to have a baby around again at Christmas.