I was pleased to see this morning that both Super Tiddles and Duracell Bunny are completely in touch with their feminine sides. They decided to add some sparkle to a cold autumn morning.

The morning started out much like any other Monday morning, we all got up, sat together to have breakfast and a chat and then I helped the boys get dressed. After that I chatted to hubby for a while and the boys disappeared off into their play room. I could hear them chatting excitedly to each other and giggling but didn’t pay much attention. Then I heard Duracell Bunny say ‘Mummy, come and see what I’ve done!”. A sense of foreboding crept up on me as I peered round the corner. I’d made the catastrophic error of leaving a few tubs of glitter out and the boys had got hold of them. I tried to stop them but Duracell Bunny had glitter all over his hands. Before I could stop him he’d wiped it all over his school uniform and all over hubby’s shirt and trousers. I did my best to clean it off him (but we all know how hard it is go eradicate glitter once it’s there). I put on the TV as a way of keeping the boys out of mischief while I got myself showered and dressed. When I went back to see what the monkeys were up to, I saw that Duracell Bunny was trying to style his brother’s hair. I left them to it as they were having such a lovely time. Super Tiddles got hold of one of my handbags and put it over his shoulder. He was most disgruntled when I told him he couldn’t take it to school with him.

I just found this fascinating article on the subject, so have a read!