Yesterday was an astonishing day! The day began in the same way as I expected it to. Duracell Bunny was as excited as could be to get up and open the first door on his advent calendar. He woke his brother up so that they could both get on with it. I had to stop them from opening all the doors. Next we put the first figure on their Nativity advent. As I say, all pretty much as expected for the first day of advent with two small boys in the house but later on things got much more surprising.

When we got home after the school run we all saw that two elves had come to visit us. They were just sitting on the window sill as if they’d always been there. They both had labels around their necks which told us that they were called Eddie Elf and Elvis Elf. I was as surprised as the boys to see them as they hadn’t been there when I’d gone out earlier. Duracell Bunny told me that he thought Santa had flown past in his sleigh and dropped them off. The boys enjoyed playing with the cheeky elves until bedtime. At bedtime the boys wanted to take the elves to bed with them. I told them that the elves would stay up and watch some television. Duracell Bunny found a plastic envelope and turned it into a sleeping bag for them and tucked them into it. They fell asleep there pretty quickly so I left them there when I went to bed.

This morning we couldn’t wait to get up and check on Eddie and Elvis. We found them sitting on the stairs. When I said that I had no idea how they’d got up there the boys told me that of course they had come to life and walked up there!

Eddie and Elvis are asleep at the moment, so we’ll see what they get up to tonight. I never expected to be visited by magic elves this Christmas.