The first thing Duracell Bunny said this morning was “Peter Pan was amazing, wasn’t it Mummy”?

And he’s right.

Last night we took Super Tiddles and Duracell Bunny to see Peter Pan in pantomime. The line up was good, Cook and Line from Swashbuckle were cast as Smee’s mates. Ex Eastender Barry played Captain Hook and current Eastender Honey was a very cheeky Tinkerbell. Duracell Bunny told me that the pirates were called Joseph and Richard, those are their real names!

The special effects were fabulous. A few minutes into the show Peter Pan flew in over the

audience’s heads. This did not fool Duracell Bunny, who told me in the interval that Peter Pan didn’t fly, he had wires coming out of him. The Darlings’ journey to Neverland was amazingly well done. The boys spent a lot of time dancing during the show and having a whale of a time. Duracell Bunny got completely wrapped up in the show and pretended that he was Peter Pan. This became irksome when he kept vanishing under his seat every time Peter Pan left the stage. It was magical to see him getting so absorbed in the story. The boys particular enjoyed Cook and Line’s standalone part when they led a singing contest between the two sides of the audience.

The finale was outstanding. Peter flew once again over the whole audience and the boys loved watching him (even though they may not have entirely believed it). The soundtrack to this was Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer (one for the parents)!

This is a very light-hearted take on the Peter Pan story, which can be construed as being rather dark and sad in a lot of ways. I’m off to read J.M. Barrie’s books now. 🙂