Good morning readers! It seems to have taken me a while to get back into the swing of things since Christmas. The weather has been so gloomy and there does seem to be an anti-climax.

I haven’t done much baking since Christmas, but I have been concentrating more on reading and writing. I have recently rediscovered Tove Jansson’s Moomins. I saw that there is a Moomin exhibition in London at the moment and so I decided to start reading the Moomin books. I have to admit that I never paid much attention to the Moomins when I was a child. I was more of a fan of Enid Blyton (amongst other books) and the Moomins just weren’t on my radar.

The first book is The Moomins and the Great Flood. This book was written during the depressing years of the second world war as a fairy tale. It was a way of escaping from the horrors of the war going on around. It is on one level very personal to the author as many of the characters are based on members of her family and the stories relate to her experiences of early childhood. On a much more universal scale, it is a fairy tale designed to enable us to escape when times are tough and go to a happy place.

With all the uncertainty of Brexit, as well as the recent terror attacks and the imminent inauguration of Trump, maybe it’s time we all escaped to Moomin Valley. Oh, and I’ve got a couple of jokes for you.

What did Tove Jansson use to make Cottage Pie?


What was Tove Jansson’s favourite hobby?

Moomin Ballet.

….Anyway, I’m off to read more Moomin Books to cheer myself up on this gloomy January day.