Good evening readers!

We are currently enjoying a week away at my parents’ house in deepest Berkshire. Super Tiddles and Duracell Bunny (who I’ve decided to call Deebee from now on) love staying with their grandparents and it’s a much needed change of scenery for us.

As it was such a nice day we decided to go to one of our favourite haunts in this neck of the woods. Roves Farm is a wonderful place. It is a family run farm park. The highlight for us is the themed tractor rides. Today the theme of the tractor ride was Gingerbread Race. This involved a race between the tractor and the Gingerbread man and culminated in a trip to Drury Lane where we came across the Muffin Man. He did a comedy turn before handing out little ginger bread biscuits to all the children. A good time was had by all.

After we got off the tractor we headed to the indoor play barn for some lunch. it was quite early but I was pleased at how efficiently the cafe was run. I picked up some pre-filled lunch boxes for the boys and a sandwich and drink for myself. A lovely lady called me over to the cash only till as there was no queue at all.

We finished lunch quickly so the boys went off to play. There is a ‘rabbit warren’ of tunnels for the children to crawl around. There are also ledges to climb up and down. After a few minutes I saw a disastrous scene unfold before my eyes. Super Tiddles managed to get himself stuck on a ledge and I could see Deebee trying desperately to help him down. Due to his diminutive size, all Deebee could do was try to pull his brother down. This seemed to be going well until Deebee accidentally pulled his brother’s trousers down, exposing his bottom to everyone in the play barn. His desperate attempts to salvage the situation were painful. I could hear the lady behind me commenting on the scene and giggling. I turned round and jokingly said “they’re not with me”. When I turned back, I saw that Deebee had managed to help Super Tiddles pull his trousers back up and restore his dignity. Super Tiddles then retaliated by giving his brother a clip round the ear.

Anyway, after the boys had had enough of playing in the barn we went outside to see the ducks on the lake. We also looked at the baby lambs and the highland cattle. If you’re ever near Swindon and fancy a great family day out I urge you to head straight for Roves Farm. For more information have a look at their website

Bye for now!