Hello readers!

You are undoubtedly wondering what in the name of God the above picture is. I can’t say I blame you.

I hereby present to you… drum roll please….. THE CROWNIE!!!!

I thought that I was being original then and had invented a new delicacy but when I googled Crownie I found that it’s not a new invention after all. Apparently it means part cookie part brownie but surely it could also mean a cross between cake and brownie.

I planned to bake some chocolate cupcakes with Deebee and Super Tiddles this afternoon so I got my butter and eggs out of the fridge this  morning and found a simple cupcake recipe which I found online this morning.

When both boys were home I let them watch some TV to wind down after school before we got on with our baking. Both boys were keen to help measure out all of the ingredients and mix them all together. This is good as they are reading out numbers as well as learning to bake and it is great for family bonding. The recipe I was using called for milk but as I didn’t have any I decided to substitute it with water and hope for the best. This may well have been where it all went so wrong. When the cake batter was ready we put it in the cupcake tin (which was already filled with cake cases). When I checked on them 15 minutes later they were over risen and raw in the middle. I left them for a further five minutes to see if they would come good but five minutes later it was clear they were beyond saving.

That was the moment Deebee came to see our cakes. I told him they had gone wrong but the boys said they wanted to try them anyway so we put them in bowls and they tucked into them with spoons. Deebee told me that I should make our cakes go wrong more often because they tasted better than normal. I’ve just tried one and they are indeed divine.

There is a life lesson to be learnt here. Things may not always turn out the way you expected or wanted them to but they can turn out to be wonderful all the same.

I’m off to write my recipe down.

Bye for now.  🙂