our chocs


Hello readers!

Super Tiddles and I spent Sunday afternoon at the Chocolate Museum in Brixton having a magical time learning all about how chocolate is made. The picture above shows some of the delights we made together.

I went on a basic chocolate making course a few weeks ago and was so pleased with how well I did that I decided to find out more about chocolate making. I did an Internet search to find out about other classes and chocolate making events/activities. That’s how I found out about The Chocolate Museum.

Deebee said that he wanted to go on a bike ride and didn’t want to come with me (but made me promise to bring him back some chocolate). Super Tiddles was very keen to come so we set off on Sunday morning. It took us quite a long time to get to central London on the train. Super Tiddles was so excited on the train but I managed to calm him down with a magazine. When we got to Victoria it was just a short journey on the tube to Brixton. The Museum is a few minutes away from the tube station on foot.



When we arrived at the Museum the lady, who introduced herself as Hannah, told us that there was a party due to arrive imminently but we had a very warm welcome all the same. She made me a lovely cup of herbal tea and took us downstairs where there was a film on a loop explaining all about the process of making chocolate. After the film had finished we had a look around the permanent exhibition downstairs which contains all sorts of fascinating chocolate memorabilia collected by the owner over the years.

By this time the museum had been taken over by the party so we decided to go off and get some lunch and then return to the museum later when the party was finished. We took our time over lunch and got back just as the party was drawing to a close. Within a few minutes the whole place was empty and Hannah was able to give us her full attention. We chatted as she prepared the equipment for our choccie making workshop and it emerged that she used to teach special needs children. She was amazingly patient with Super Tiddles and had a good understanding of how to communicate with him and manage any problems. Super Tiddles’ favourite bit was mixing the chocolate in the bowl as we tempered it. We were sent home after a couple of hours very contentedly with a bag full to the brim of the chocolates we made together.

To find out more about the Chocolate Museum (including information about the drop in workshops and parties) see the website http://www.thechocolatemuseum.co.uk/

I don’t care what anybody says. Chocolate is magical.