Good evening readers!

When Deebee started school the ice cream van which parked outside the school was the bane of my life. Every day he would spot the van and ask for an ice cream. Being a mean mummy I would refuse to buy him one which would then cause him to throw the mother of all tantrums and scream ‘I want an ice cream!’ as I dragged him all  the way back to the car. The same scene would play out most days until autumn arrived and the van decided to call time on summer.

The long dreaded day arrived on Monday when the ice cream van returned. I arrived at school to pick Deebee up and there it was, sitting there like a siren tempting children towards it. Until today I managed to sneak my son out of school by crawling on our hands and knees so that he didn’t notice the van. My plan was going well until this afternoon. We walked past a car full of children eating huge ice creams. ‘Where’s the ice cream van?’ he asked me. ‘I don’t know where it is’ I lied, hoping he wouldn’t turn around and spot it. I thought I’d got away with it as we rounded the corner and it went out of sight. Unfortunately for me,  as soon as we got round the corner we saw a little girl tantrumming. Her mother glanced at me and said the cursed words ‘I wish there wasn’t an ice cream van outside school’. In a desperate attempt to convince Deebee that there was no ice cream van outside school I instantly said ‘well there isn’t’. She missed the point entirely and said ‘Yes there is, I’ve just seen it’. All I could do was grab my son by the hand and run.

If I ruled the world ice cream vans would be banned outside schools. What do you think?