Good evening readers!

Super Tiddles chose this book from his school library last week and he adores it. I think it’s a wonderful story too. Su Swallow is Jane Oliver’s nom de plume. She has been writing children’s books for over 3o years. Her books include Nick’s Birthday and Albert Liked Ladders and of course The Sand Dragon.

The Sand Dragon is aimed at early readers. It is a wonderfully simple idea for a story but is beautifully crafted. The simple idea is that a boy called Edward spends the day at the seaside with his family. He makes a ‘sand dragon’ out of sand, shells and seaweed. I don’t want to give too much away but the story continues with the dragon’s antics after the boy goes home. The simple language and imagery really appeals to children who are just starting to read. The illustrations in the book are also lovely and really add to the storytelling. My boys love looking at the illustrations and talking about what was happening in the story. The artist is an Italian artist by the name of Silvia Raga. Her artwork really appeals to young children. The boys both said that the dragon looks more like a T-Rex though so in our house it’s known as the Sand Dinosaur. The book is a great inspiration for imaginative play.

I had an afternoon in London yesterday. I happened to spot a 3D dinosaur cookie cutter on my travels. Tomorrow I plan to make dinosaurs with the boys. I’ll let you know how we get on.

Bye for now.