Good afternoon readers!

It’s about three years since I put Super Tiddles on the waiting list for riding lessons at the Diamond Centre. The centre is obviously very popular so we gladly bided our time. A few weeks ago we received an email telling us that we had finally reached the top of the waiting list and inviting us along for an assessment.

Today was the big day! I was a little apprehensive because although Super Tiddles adores animals he has recently become very wary of dogs. I was secretly concerned that he would be anxious about getting on the horse but my fears were unfounded. He took to it like a duck to water! The only time he got upset was when he was told that it was time to get off Pepsi, the pony that was chosen for him. She was the perfect pony for him, gentle in nature.

The Diamond Centre for Disabled Riders is a wonderful place. I can’t wait to take my little hero to his next lesson. I am seriously considering volunteering there during the week too. They are always in need of volunteers and it would be a good way to get myself out of the house during the week.