Good morning readers!

Deebee and Super Tiddles are on their school Easter holidays at the moment. We have been rather busy Iately so I haven’t had much time to write. I dropped them off at their play scheme earlier though so I have some time to myself.

We took advantage of the fine weather last week and headed to the New Forest. I think the New Forest is a magical place and I always love going there. The boys do too. On our previous visit we discovered the wonderful Burley Fudge. This time Hubby was keen to go there again so that was our first port of call.  The shop is a wonderful place. There are a myriad of flavours of fudge including the (less than pleasant) marmite fudge and yummy Eton Mess fudge to the more traditional flavours such as clotted cream and chocolate. It really is worth going to the New Forest just to get Fudge from Burley.

The other thing Burley is famous for is witchcraft. At the end of the 1950s, a witch by the name of Sybil Leek lived in the village. The locals weren’t too happy as she used to walk around the village wearing a long black cloak with her jackdaw, Hotfoot Jackson, perched on her shoulder. So she upped sticks and moved to America where she continued to study and write about the occult and astrology. Some locals viewed Sybil Leek as a fraud and believed that the nearby Thorney Hill witches had been practicing witchcraft for much longer. Whatever the truth is, the village is hidden deep in the forest and seems to be the perfect place for a coven of witches to live.

I’m off to eat some fudge. I’ll tell you more about our trip tomorrow.