Good morning readers!

Imagine an Academy that offers free industry based training with a whopper of a media group. Do you believe such a thing exists? No? Well neither did I until a few weeks ago.

It all began one day when I was researching magazines to analyse for my freelance writing course and found myself looking at Bauer Media Group’s website. I spotted an advert for the Academy and sent off my details. Then a couple of weeks ago an email pinged into my inbox inviting me to attend the Making Creativity Work course. I couldn’t quite believe it to start with (I still can’t to be honest). I arranged for my mum to look after Super Tiddles and Deebee so I could attend the first three days of the course.

I rocked up on Tuesday having a vague idea what to expect but it was all shrouded in mystery and suspense. This was the first day of the course. It was designed to get the students’ creative juices flowing. There are four other people in the group, all of vaguely similar ages to me. A couple of hours into the course we found ourselves walking up and down Carnaby Street attempting to get creative with a banana. It was bizarre but strangely liberating. We were given a few other exercises to get us into the mindset of thinking creatively.

I woke up on Wednesday and made a mad dash to London to find out what was in store for me. The key message of day two is that creativity alone isn’t enough. To innovate you must ‘make creativity work’. We were then split into groups and given various briefs which aimed to demonstrate how to channel creativity in the media industry.

Yesterday was a mind-blowing day. The focus was on story telling. I see myself as a story teller but the point of the course is that there are many ways to tell a story. We were given more tasks which gave us the chance to try out different ways to tell stories. We were also given many tips on how to engage our audience.

Tomorrow is the next day of the course and I can’t wait… I’ll let you know how I get on.