Good afternoon readers!

I am enjoying a bit of peace and quiet whilst listening to Magic Radio (my new favourite radio station). Following on from my last post about Bauer Academy, I spent the weekend at Bauer’s radio HQ learning all about the inner workings of radio production.

The weekend course was led by James Ellison, Producer for Kerrang! Radio. He started the day by asking the participants to introduce themselves and talk about their experience of radio (I have very little). He hit us with a phenomenal amount of information about how radio production works and how it’s important to keep your brand in mind when creating any content.

When I started the course I was entirely clueless about the amount of work that goes in to producing seamless radio content. I am now in awe of radio producers and presenters who make it seem so natural and easy. Anyway, the first day of the course involved a lot of theory of radio production and group discussion. Towards the end of the day we began to work on a brief to produce our own radio content.

The second day of the course was much more hands on. We started the day with a tour of the radio studios. I was disappointed not to spot anyone world famous. We did spot Pandora, the Presenter of KISSTORY. I loved learning all about the radio from the other side. After the tour we got our heads together and produced a radio feature as well as a Facebook Video.

I am looking forward to my next learning experience with Bauer Academy! My only complaint is that they didn’t offer the biscuits they mention in their radio advert. 🙂