Good morning readers!

On days like this the world seems like a wonderful place. We drove through bluebell woods on the school run. That’s enough to lift anyone’s spirits.

It’s enough to make all the stressful school runs seem like a distant memory. I got Super Tiddles and Deebee into the car in good time and as the school next door is still on Easter Holidays we sailed out of our driveway with no problems. We arrived at our usual parking place earlier than normal so we walked up to the school and waited for Super Tiddles’ bus. On our way to school we stopped to talk to the cat that lives at the school.

After I had dropped the boys off I decided to stop off at Viewpoint (with amazing views of the countryside) and went for a walk through the bluebells so I could take some photos. The smell of a million bluebells hit me as soon as I got out of my car. It was a magical start to my day.

I’ve just been trying to write an article but I have too much to write about and I’m having serious problems being selective.

I wonder if all writer’s have the same problem. There is just too much to write about.

I need to have some lunch and then get on with the housework. Or maybe I’ll just go out for another walk in the woods across the road from my house.

What would you do?