Good morning readers!

When I woke up yesterday morning I never thought I would end the day by doing a spot of radio presenting. I went along to a ‘radio skills’ evening at Bauer Academy. I quickly discovered that this was all about presenting on the radio.

The first part of the evening was a run through the technical side of radio production using a program called Adobe Audition which I must confess I’d never heard of before yesterday. We were also taken through how to use a microphone (which is a lot harder than it sounds). I am not the most techie minded person in the world but this was interesting all the same.

The second part of the evening was spent coming up with ideas of a short radio link which we then went on to record. My goal was to talk about something I’m passionate about for at least 60 seconds. This was a daunting prospect to begin with. I decided to tell the story of the day I made Crownies. My ‘co presenter’ introduced me and I launched straight into my spiel. I waffled on a bit about my the Great British Bake Off and then told my baking disaster story. I was amazed when I managed to waffle on for over 60 seconds.

Talking of the Great British Bake Off I feel it’s about time I  got on with some more baking. Does anyone have a fun recipe I could try out with my boys?