Good evening readers!

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to bake anything since life’s got in the way. We’re settling into a very busy routine this school term but I am finding my feet so will make more time to bake.

Deebee has gone off to a party. He was very keen to go without me so a friend of mine has very kindly taken him with her. It is wonderful to see him becoming so independent. I planned to bake something with Super Tiddles and he chose a Zebra Cake from Nadiya Husain’s Bake Me a Story. He said we should get our cat, Shadow, to come and help us bake. She was quite keen to start with so all was good.

We followed the recipe (if you want the recipe just buy Nadiya’s book) until we ended up with 2 bowls of cake batter (one chocolate and one vanilla). Shadow helped out with this for a while but she quickly got fed up of getting her paws stuck in the batter. Super Tiddles had heaps of fun splooshing it in to the loaf tin in a random pattern. While the cake was in the oven we popped over to the woods to see the bluebells and I took the photo below.

Bluebell woods2

When we got home the cake still wasn’t quite ready so I read Super Tiddles Nadiya’s version of Pied Piper of Hamelin. He absolutely loved it. It made a really nice change to have him all to myself.  We had to wait for the cake to cool and then we iced it together. A perfect afternoon with my Super Tiddles. I’m really looking forward to the next time I get to spend some one to one time with him.

I had to planned to write my own modern version of a traditional fairy tale as Nadiya has done in her book. I’d better get on with it…

Bye for now….