Good morning readers!

Last night I dropped Super Tiddles off at Cubs for the first time. He absolutely loved it and I’m so proud of how far he’s come since he started at Beavers.

The picture above shows him on his first day at Beavers. It was just over two years ago. When he started at Beavers he had a few words but wasn’t speaking in sentences. When I think back to those days it blows me away just how far he’s come.

Here’s a picture of him last night just before we left for Cubs. He’s grown from a toddlerish pickle to a real little boy. He is just one of the lads and has really begun to join in with the other children. I have no doubt that Beavers has helped his social skills and speech.


He talked all the way there about how excited he was. He also came home grinning from ear to ear and telling me all about it. I’d better get him a Cubs uniform. I can’t wait for this next adventure. Bring it on!